We are based in Yokosuka and mainly provide registration service for personally imported Vehicles.

Our major customers are Military personal in Yokosuka, Atsugi, Zama, Yokota, Misawa, Iwakuni and Sasebo.

We also help new Harley-Davidson purchased on base to be registered in Japan.

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Import Vehicle Registration Service

It's not an easy way to register your vehicle here in Japan…….., Actually it's a rough way!!

Over 30 years experience with Harley-Davidson.

From Pick-Up to Drop-Off, Fabrication, Emission Test, Sound Test, Registration……..We can take care of all!!!

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Registration Service You Can Trust

Affordable Prices

Quality Service

Rich Experience

Making the best use of the skills and experiences we have, we have been receiving good reviews from our satisfied customers.

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2-15 Kinukasacho, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa

TEL. 046-854-9488

FAX. 046-854-9431